What makes Diamonds different from Moissanites?

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Moissanite Earrings

When it comes to premium earrings, diamonds have long been the darling of the jewelry world. But ladies, here's a little secret: you don't have to follow the traditional path. There's a dazzling array of gemstones out there, and Allurii's Moissanite Earrings are ones that deserves your attention.

image of a diamond on the left and a moissanite on the right

Moissanites: Sparkling Alternatives to Diamonds

Moissanites, often hailed as a girl's best-kept secret, is a stunning alternative to diamonds. This naturally occurring mineral, scientifically known as silicon carbide, is as rare as it gets. The moissanites you'll find in fine jewelry has a fascinating origin—it's grown lovingly in a lab. Unlike diamonds, it's not a product of the mining industry, making it both unique and sustainable.

5 Key Differences that make Moissanites better than Diamonds

Price. Moissanites cost less.

Fancy something beautiful without breaking the bank? Moissanites shine here. It's roughly one-tenth the cost of a diamond with comparable size and quality. Value? It's even better with larger carats. So, if you dream of a substantial, sparkly gem but your wallet isn't in agreement, moissanites are what you’re looking for!

Durability. Moissanites don't break.

Diamonds boast unbreakable strength; they're the champs on the Mohs Hardness Scale with a perfect 10. But don't underestimate Moissanites! It's no pushover either, ranking at an impressive 9.25-9.5. So, go ahead, wear it every day, and let it sparkle with you through all of life's adventures.

Brilliance. Moissanites sparkle.

Moissanites know how to play the light game. It outshines diamonds in brilliance. With more fire and sparkle, it's like wearing a tiny disco ball on your finger. Plus, it's double refractive, making it unique and radiantly mesmerizing.

Colour. Just like diamonds.

Moissanites have evolved. Once, it had hints of yellow or green, but the manufacturing process has come a long way. Now, you can have colorless Moissanites. Diamonds, on the other hand, dance through a color spectrum, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (noticeably yellowish). An expert's eye is needed to tell the subtle differences.

Sustainability. Created in a lab.

The International Gem Society states that most diamonds are a product of the mining industry, making them harmful for the environment. With conflicts and human rights issues, the mining process itself takes a toll on the ecosystem; mass energy consumption, water usage, creating pollution and disrupting the land are few examples of how the environment is harmed.

It’s time to choose ethical bling that will make you proud and look beautiful. Moissanite jewelry (especially Moissanite Earrings), offers an excellent alternative without compromising budget or quality. As a lab-grown gemstone, Moissanites are more affordable and sustainable than natural diamonds!

Three sizes of Moissanite Earrings

Some Other Differences

Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's crust over millions of years through immense heat and pressure
Moissanites are created in laboratories through controlled processes that simulate the conditions for diamond formation.
Diamonds are the hardest known substance, scoring 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness
Moissanites are also very durable, scoring 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making them suitable for everyday wear.
Diamonds have a unique brilliance due to their exceptional refractive index. 
Moissanites exhibit extraordinary brilliance and fire, often surpassing diamonds in their ability to reflect and refract light.
Diamonds occur naturally in various colors but are also found colorless
Moissanites exhibit extraordinary brilliance and fire, often surpassing diamonds in their ability to reflect and refract light
Diamonds vary in clarity, with internal and external flaws known as inclusions and blemishes affecting their appearance and value. 
Moissanites are created to have high clarity and are relatively free from inclusions, enhancing their brilliance and overall beauty
Natural diamonds can be expensive, influenced by carat weight, cut, color, and clarity.
Moissanites are more affordable than diamonds, offering a budget-friendly option without compromising beauty and quality.
Most diamonds are mined from various locations worldwide, which can raise concerns about ethical and environmental practices
Moissanites are sustainable gemstones, offering an ethical and environmentally friendly alternative to mined diamonds
Diamond mining can have a significant environmental impact, including land disruption, deforestation, and water pollution.
Moissanites have a lower environmental footprint as they are created in laboratories, reducing the strain on natural resources and ecosystems.
Diamonds are relatively rare, and the availability of specific sizes and qualities can vary.
Moissanites are more readily available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, providing more options for consumers.
For quality assurance, diamonds can be certified by reputable gemological laboratories, such as GIA.
Moissanites can also come with certifications, ensuring their authenticity and quality. Allurii moissanite gems are authenticated through GRA, an internationally recognized organization.

Shopping Tips:

When hunting for your perfect moissanite gem, remember that you can find high-quality options that don't break the bank. Opt for a stone with clarity and color that's easy on the eyes. Look for that spectacular fire, a brilliant luster, and impeccable polish.

Trust a reputable retailer like Allurii for a wise investment! So, ladies, don't ever settle for less when you can have brilliance, durability, and affordability all wrapped up in one stunning package. Moissanite plays well with any setting and pairs seamlessly with other gems. It's the versatile choice you've been waiting for.

Don't limit your dreams by believing you can't afford quality. With moissanite, you can have it all without compromise. Elevate your sparkle game, and let your engagement ring tell a unique story.

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